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Surveys can be excellent allies in the corporate world

Questions can lead us to important information. Normally, we ask friends, acquaintances, co-workers questions in loose conversations and without pretense. Without thinking, we just let the conversation flow in an interesting and if possible fun way, generating more and more … Read More

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A person lives through thousands of experiences in their life as a customer. And many times we go to the same store and consume the same products, we have accumulated feelings, sensations and memories about all this. We are strongly … Read More

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The importance of customer happiness

It has never been so important for companies to keep their customers close and satisfied. In times of crisis in the economy and uncertainty in politics the first step is to retain those who are already a customer, make them … Read More

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How to avoid communications of complaint?

As much as we appreciate our customer’s manifestations some of them, the most negative, could be avoided. A little attention and empathy would suffice. For example: everyone has seen or heard the message “You are very important to us”; the … Read More

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How can the “Voice of the Customer” increase your sales?

Who is good at guessing what might happen a week from now? Could you predict how your business will be in a year? We may not be so good at guessing, and also not want to be so vulnerable as … Read More

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