Assess your company

Get information to measure the performance of your company and your people.

Track the business performance

Performance indicators enable to track the progress of your company at different business units and hierarchical levels. By setting goals and objectives that align with your strategy, management can verify if the team is acting how they should be – and get alerts if they’re not.

Measure your team members

You can guarantee a successful customer experience only through your employees – so you need to understand your people and how they handle customer feedback. You’ll be able to see at a glance those team members who receive the fewest alerts and who solve problems the fastest.

Targeted reports

Configure notifications according to problem complexity, the amount of feedback, the anticipated time to resolution or by stakeholder. Different survey responses, scores and key words trigger different reports so the right people get the right notifications.


History, employees, products, business units, and more – compare data of any kind, over time or at a specific point, internally and with industry standards. Identify and prioritize actions that lead to improvements in your business and in your NPS.

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