Engage your organization

Action linked to individuals, so your people can focus on what really matters.

Case management

Workflow allows your company to coordinate activities throughout the organization, connecting with customers, engaging employees in problem-solving and assigning responsibilities based on the role of each team in CEM.

Alerts to act fast

Different survey responses, scores and key words trigger different alerts, that forwards notifications to the right people. Team members can respond accordingly to specific feedback from customers. If feedback is not solved, the alert will stay open, rising gradually through the hierarchy.

Targeted reports

Configure notifications according to problem complexity, the amount of feedback, the anticipated time to resolution or by stakeholder. Different survey responses, scores and key words trigger different reports so the right people get the right notifications.

Powerful hierarchical system

Get customizable graphics for everyone on your team. Reconfigure settings for different users as your company grows.


History, employees, products, business units, and more – compare data of any kind, over time or at a specific point, internally and with industry standards. Identify and prioritize actions that lead to improvements in your business and in your NPS.

Real-time data

Connect with your customers 24 hours a day, wherever they are, in any medium. Get reports as soon as they come in. Understand what’s happening now so you can take action. Robust capacity for analysis of long historical series.

User-specific permissions

Decide how, where and when users can access the system. Restrict data export, track previous exports and user actions.

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