Keep internal processes aligned with strategy

Customer expectations are transformed into action, with senior management and employees working toward the same goals. Evertrend is designed for different hierarchical levels so you can mobilize your whole team, creating value for your customers and shareholders. Create incentives for individuals and teams based on insights.

Capture the customer's experience by collecting Feedback from multichannel sources

No matter where your customers are, or how they want to be heard, Evertrend can facilitate the dialogue. We can conduct surveys online, through text, using social media and QR codes, via telephone or in person. The Evertrend platform supports any data source, including other CRMs and ERPs.

Intuitive and flexible graphic interface

Through a robust platform and customizable dashboards for each level within your organization, you can organize key insights for comprehensive, simple and intuitive analysis.

Powerful hierarchical system to engage your organization

A unique solution that really engages your team on problem solving. Evertrend has developed a platform with a single hierarchical structure for data access. That means that each product manager can see customer feedback and alerts relating only to his or her product line – while the CEO can view company data as a whole.

Keep track of your company's skills based on different performance indicators

See user-specific performance: who’s getting the best feedback? Who’s solving problems the fastest? If performance isn’t what it should be, a report goes out to the manager responsible.

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