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Automakers know that great service in the pre-sale, dependable help during the sale process, and especially during post-sale, determine customer choice and loyalty.


Your customers are everywhere. You need to have control of the total experience from every touchpoint. With Evertrend, your employees can stay in touch with customers and with the CEM from wherever they are.


Customers have a strong relationship with your online brand. Their experience can determine your success.


Good CX is essential for companies of any type, including those whose end users are other companies. Evertrend is designed to work for any structure, analyzing performance and customer satisfaction.

Travel and Hospitality

Whether your chain has luxury resorts or business flights, you’re in a highly competitive arena and you need to know the expectations of your guests, wherever they are.

Real Estate

The look of a property is only part of what influences a potential buyer; what matters most in real estate is the customer relationship. Close deals faster with the right information about your customers’ preferences.

Consumer Goods

Implement a continuous improvement process in product design and functionality, improve after-sales service and evaluate your employees, collecting information to create and achieve corporate goals.


Telecommunications companies face many challenges from competitors, aggravating customer retention and increasing churn. You need to hear and understand customer expectations.

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